Abandoned on our neighbor’s beach we pass by this old boat on our daily walks–a 1957 Feathercraft

The Feathercraft Company produced these boats in the 1940’s-1960s. After World War II wound down, aircraft companies produced things like aluminum toasters, airstream trailers, canoes, and other cool riveted items. Since I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff, I tow this over to my dock and hoist it up out of the water–just in the nick of time as it leaks:


On the bottom is a big plywood patch–not good craftsmanship–it was fastened with rivets, screws and such that covered an 18″ split on the bottom:


It’s -6 F temperature this week so I’ve got to get out the blowtorch

Here’s the bottom after it’s cleaned up–the ‘cure’ was worse than the ‘disease.’

Now, I’ve got about 68 holes to patch and the local TIG welder lives across the narrows–hmmm, I’ve got to give this one some thought. Our plan is to get this to float and bring it back to Seattle on our Tug, Katahdin in summer 2010. We’ll name her “Nancy Drew” and use her for a runabout on Lake Union. Stay tuned for future repairs and visit this site if you like Feathercrafts.

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3 Responses to “Feathercraft”

  1. Chris Says:


    I just finished reading your blog from top to bottom…amazing !! I am now anxiously awaiting the next entry. I have always wanted to see Alaska . After finishing college and my professional football career coming to an unceremonious end (I was cut) I thought about packing my bags and moving north way north (I am originally from Texas) but I couldnít muster up the courage. Instead I moved to Chicago which in turn brought me to England. I also have a fascination for old boats. Believe it or not for some reason I have always loved tug boats. Last year on our annual fishing trip to the Keys I stumbled across the African Queen dry docked in Key Largo, which is the one boat that probably began my dream of owning a classic wooden boat. But taking on those boats as well as that project in Alaska (and law suits)is beyond my wildest imagination. Youíre the dental equivalent to Clutch Cargo. Well done you.
    Karen my beautiful wife, is always encouraging me to buy the boat ,stop complaining about getting old (I am embarrassed to say that I have a few years until I hit the half century mark)and take a few more risks in life. We live in a village in Hampshire, England. I am so inspired by the way you restored your log cabin on ìTotland ì it has renewed my enthusiasm to finish decorating our house and then find our farm in the stunning Hampshire countryside. Do keep it going and thanks for inspiration.

    All the best

  2. Henry Hedberg Says:


    I have the almost exact same boat! Mine is a Feather Craft as well. I just picked it up on a farm in Colorado. You may or may not know this, but if you look at the serial on the back you can tell what model it is. Yours looks like a Hawk or a SkiBo. You have a reall gem there! Enjoy.

  3. mike Says:

    I myself purched a 1957 feathercraft this past summer . I was gonna selll it But after doing some research on it , I thnk ill hang on to it.. Kepp it alive and well.