I decide to climb Mt. Lassen with an old friend Rich, who like me, just turned 70.  Rich (on right) just retired from UC Berkeley where he was Dean of Chemistry.  Joining us are two colleagues, Ezra and Leila.  And off we go!


2500 feet later, we’re on the summit with Mt. Shasta on the north horizon.  Mt. Lassen erupted in 1915 and created such a sensation that it was made a national park in 1916, the same year the NPS was formed.


The summit crater is a scrambled mess (an orogenic omelette), but still has a trail that circumnavigates the rim.


The trail is very well maintained switch-backing up the south ridge.  It’s about a 3 hour round-trip.


After this strenuous climb, it’s time to kayak.  I roll mine over in the middle of Almanor Lake but keep my glasses, hat and my wits.  Ezra saves my life–when the kayak rolls like a squirrel cage.  My life jacket jambs into my chin–keep those straps tight!  The water was warm!


After this triathalon (climbing, kayaking, swimming), it’s off to the Reno Air Show–a two hour drive to the south.   What an incredible show–with everything from a C-17 and C-130 to this radial engine with a bajillion pistons–imagine the torque!


This is a rocket car capable to speeds of up to 400 miles per hour.  It raced a biplane on takeoff…..


….upside down!  The biplane won.


The Blue Angles put on an incredible show–much more intimate with jets buzzing the crowd.  if you like big, loud machines, this is the place!  The louder, the better….


Loop the loop in formation.  What a show!  Next morn, I drive back across Nevada to Flagstaff where the trailer is stored to resume my NPS speaking tour.


You can tell when you’re in Nevada–there are tractors everywhere…..  This is a 1951 Allis Chalmers–sweet!


And brothels.  This was Sky King’s last flight……Stay tuned!


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