Our last stop on our 5 months overseas is Portugal.  We rent a car in Seville Spain and drive 2 1/2 hours to Lagos on the SW coast.

Beach 2

The coast of Portugal is serrated by folded sedimentary rocks once connected to the Grand Banks Newfoundland.  This is wild place during storms.

Ghost Ship

Lagos is located near the SW corner of Portugal, which harbors lots of Brits and boats.  We rent a small house just outside of town on the Monte Judeu.  I purchase a small tuning hammer and tune the grand piano within.  We stock up on firewood and local catch.


This is Lago’s promenade which faces their boat basin.  Beyond are many grottos and beautiful isolated beaches.

Wind Mills

Just beyond our house is the small town of Sao Joao which sports a couple nice pubs.  Towering above are orchards of German wind turbines.  These stand over 400′ high, each arm over 150′, and produce 2000kw/hour.  They are a sight to behold when standing directly below.  I found no dead birds below them.


It’s time to hit the beaches, and Portugal is full of them and they are not that crowded….  The town of Lagos lies in the distance.

Beach Detritus 2

But the beaches are not all that clean.  These are all plastic particles…..

Beach Detritus

Here’s a close-up.  It’s sad we’ve so polluted our oceans that we cannot locate debris from a 777 which disappeared at this time


Lunch in the town of Salema.  Their Vino Verde wine is just right with their local fish.


Nearby we investigate the local megaliths.  If you look carefully, you will see that Clara left her mark also–way to go Clara, whoever you are.

Man with Pig's Head

Here a Portuguese farmer shows off a recently slaughtered pig.


 Our favorite restaurant in Lagos–Vecchia Milano–where the hostess plays the piano between orders.  We both entertain that night with fractured Chopin.  


 More fish for dinner…..our little home.

Wine Tasting

Some of our favorite wines of Portugal (and Spain).

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