Next in line is building our gazebo on the salt chuck (or slough as some prefer to call it). First thing to do is locate the position of the structure. We engage several mystics that utilize Feng Shue (just kidding)–we’ve already figured this out. Because the bears cross here….

OK, so we select a spot and put in several pilings–no trivial task. These puppies have to be hauled several hundred feet across the property–each weigh several hundred pounds. Creosoted pilings wash up on our beach (big polluters) occasionally so we recycle them for footings for buildings. Every building in Petersburg is built on pilings–no foundations allowed as we are living on muskeg.

After pilings we install floor beams–4″ X 6″ X 12′ yellow cedar and next the floor:

What a chore….I’m working in an octagon so every angle follows upward. Next task are the vertical supports and then the roof structure. Of course, everything is wobbly and has to be first braced and then tugged with ropes from trees until the structure is plumb and level–very important. Gazebo’s want to fall back to earth under snow load, etc. Here is the final structure before the roof is installed–we ran out of lumber which is a typical thing here in Alaska.

Hey, did we show you our new fawns? They’ve been keeping us company all summer and checking out our new garden where all the lettuce grows. These animals are not stupid!

I’m going to publish this but a final framework of the gazebo will appear within a week or so. Life is good here but it rains all June/July. We hear it is La Nina pushing moisture up north. Our luck…..(Next: Gazebo completion and my Mercury outboard motor blog–buy Yamaha!)

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