Spring wants to happen….although it keeps snowing, the temperatures don’t cooperate. The deer are hanging out on the beach getting ready for birth events–we will wait another two months for the ‘bambi’s’ to show up along with their proud mothers.

Meanwhile, we observe this pink tide on the beach:

Take a closer look–it’s krill.

This is the essence of life on our planet and was the central topic of study when we were in Antarctica. Without Krill–larval Crustaceans–we don’t have life on this planet nor here in Alaska. Everything feeds on krill. Besides the birds on our beach, herring gobble the krill and in turn become bait for the salmon. Up the food chain a bit you have whales competing for this same resource; a humpback was spotted today at buoy 53. Unfortunately, many animals starve in spite of this abundance. This eagle was found on our point, perhaps starved from the late winter….

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