This is our back porch–what a mess. Right out of an Alaska movie set complete with junk. I decide to take action in Martina’s absence–she’s off hobnobbing in Paris. No, I’m not jealous; I love to stay home and work–so might as well roll up my sleeves. After a friend gave me two windows, I am very motivated to keep snow and ice off our doorstep and enclose our back porch.

Here’s the finished product–built this door out of scrap in the netshed; red cedar–what beautiful lumber. I hated to cut it.

Here’s another view complete with my old park service cabin sign. During this project, I noticed an eagle watching me–all day long! Eagles groom their branches at preferable hunting/viewing sites. This one looks like he’s ready to set up a hunting camp in our saltchuck. We’ve just ordered another 5000 board feet of lumber and will continue with the boardwalk/gazebo (boat shed) soon. Also the guest house is listed for restoration so come up for a visit! And stay tuned…..

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