After three feet of fresh snow, it’s up to the muskeg above our house–and the snow gets deeper as you ski inland! We’re bonafide Bonna skiers–no cheap plastic imitations–here’s a look at what happens when you take inferior equipment out in the bush….

Look at these plastic skis–broke right in the middle–and I’ve only used these once or twice. These are made in Italy and carry an Italian pricetag–over $300–and this is in 1980 dollars! Anyway, I’m a good old Norwegian Bonna ski type–see the skiis on the left? I skied on these for over 35 years including a first traverse of the North Cascades and also a circumnavigation of the northern Teton range. These are not for sissies.

Here we are about 15 minutes off our front porch. This is nice stuff; white, fluffy and the ski, I mean sky, is blue and so is the wax–what more can you ask for. Maybe a sauna after skiing with a good mug of hot cocoa. And what are the deer doing at this time…..they’re checking out our sauna. Stay tuned….

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