Latest Update!!! Walking out of the house this morning, we find these wolf tracks within 30 feet of our house; jumping over our new boardwalk–the nerve! Because of last year’s hard winter deer populations have plummeted and wolves have benefited. This year’s hungrier wolves now take risks by approaching beaches (and homesteads) where deer congregate during midwinter. We stalk the tracks from our saltchuck around the point where a chase between a deer and this wolf begin–very exciting! So we decide to investigate….

Sure enough…wolves chasing a deer.
We follow the prints to our upper property boundary (photo below) and discover an intersting fact. The wolf and deer do not follow the straight line boundary but follow our ski tracks which seek out the best route–which we’ve already pioneered.

Smart fellows except they’re not on nordic skis. Here is a wolf on the run–wide spaced and each rear paw follows in the front track for efficiency. The wolves are everywhere–we backtrack through our property (all ten acres) and find tracks all the way home. OK, it’s a nice workout and we walk out on our dock and take a quick snap of a beautiful January day

No more night-time walks to the netshed! Stay tuned….

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