OK, it’s time to get this roof done.  Last year was the wettest year on record and there was no hope to complete the roof.  This year, it’s a little better so I just go for it.  First I have to tear off the old roof using a shovel.  After a month of this nonsense, here’s the finished product; I’m going to skip all the steps except to say this is one stout roof with about five layers of covering, any one of which would do.  No leaks of course!

I even put ‘galvie strips’ to prevent moss….and note the facia trim!

It’s been a nice summer with a roof over our heads–we spot several bear, one with three legs.  The deer are coming back, this time with their fawns–so cute!  The winter wrens are also showing up–harbingers of you know what…  I also spotted a mink this morning…..

This blog has been broken so I’ve not been able to post everything.  We are working hard on the place including relocating the 500 gallon diesel tank and remodeling the sauna.  I’ll post pics of these soon.   Stay tuned……

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