Ever wanted to build your own fireplace?  It’s a lot of work.  Here’s where I started:DSC_0011.JPG

Every piece of granite had to be carried from the next island (Mitkof) out of the woods through swampy muskeg to the car, driven about 10 miles to the boat harbor, loaded into my boat, driven across Wrangell Narrows, then schlepped up the beach to the house and finally selected to fit.  I have ‘climbed’ this fireplace about a thousand times!  Here’s the midpoint after we completed the ‘square,’ fitting the mantel pieces:


And here’s the fireplace completed with a new cork floor.  I plan to weld my own doors in the style of the Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood–all built by the CCC of course!


Next, we move in!   Stay tuned…..

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