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Dear Terry:

I just got a nice email from your former partner, Sam Ware, who wants to buy me a beer in Dallas.  I thought I would offer to buy you a beer in Jackson and we can settle this road thing in about an hour.

In spite of what you have heard about me, I am a reasonable person.  In fact, I’m the only reasonable person on Saddle Butte at this time.  As you know, I was the only one of 20 landowners to give you a piece of my property, absolutely free.  I did this because Matt Ostdiek told me I would get a better road.  Well, the road is a disaster and Matt Ostdiek is a goddam liar.

In fact, you and I are on the same side of this issue.  We both got a bad road.  This is because Seaton Construction couldn’t follow plans, and Matt Ostdiek of Rendezvous Engineering designed a one lane road past my house to appease my pit-bull neighbors, the Fergusons, who have sued you for the past two years, and whose utility service boxes still sit 5 feet into your road easement.  Finally, your attorneys forgot to record my easement to you, which has now expired, limiting you to a one lane road to a multi-million dollar development.   If any of these people worked for me, I would fire them instantly.

In short, you have to deal with me and you are lucky because I’m going to give you that easement back if we can agree on a few simple points: returning the road back into it’s original easement.  As I told Sam Ware, I have no problem with development, per se.,  only bad neighbors.   Looking forward to hearing from you.

Doug Leen, 907.209.1691 or mail@dougleen.com

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