We’re landlubbers!! After four years of searching, we’ve finally purchased a property near Petersburg–10 acres of the most beautiful shoreline we’ve found in our explorations of Southeast. Featured on the cover of Alaska Geographic (Vol. 5 No. 2 1978)…


….it boasts 1400 feet of shoreline, a point with a log cabin and guest house (above) and five other outbuildings. We’ve named it “Totland” after my grandmothers family name and hometown in Norway.


Above is the Google-Earth version of our location outlined in yellow. We’re about 1 mile from town across the Wrangell Narrows–no roads, no taxes! (and no running water right now). We have our own generator, well, sauna, dock with net-shed, chicken coop, and guest cabin! Bring your own tools. Below is a more realistic view taken on approach to Wrangell (to the south) of Petersburg nestled between the mountains on Frederick Sound–we’re behind the closer mountain on the left.



Here is Martina sitting by the fire after our fondue Christmas dinner. Below is the “backchuck” which is our creek that fills twice a day with the tide. We have excellent crabbing and fishing–perfect subsistance living. After that is a photo of the upper end of the property in the muskeg–an incredible rainforest….



The below photo is looking out in our front yard–where we plan a garden. Devils Thumb stands prominently across Frederick Sound–almost makes me want to get out the climbing rope again….stay tuned: we leave for Barrow and Kaktovik at the end of the week. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Doug/Martina


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