Locum Tenens Dentalis

Serving Washington State and Alaska

Clinics Served:

About Doug Leen I was born in Bellingham, Washington and grew up in the Seattle area. After graduating from Lake Washington High School in 1964, I joined the U. S. Navy Seabees and was sent to Vietnam for two years. Thereafter, I returned to college, graduating with a degree in Geology. The next seven years were spent with the National Park Service working as a mountain rescue ranger in the Grand Tetons. In 1974 I went back to school graduating in dentistry four years later.

I stayed on as a seasonal ranger for a few years but became a full-time dentist in the fall of 1979 after founding Pike Place Dental in the heart of the Seattle’s Pike Place Public Market. I spent 20 years in the Market and finally sold my practice and everything else that didn’t fit in a box after discovering tugboats – and how to sink them!

After a couple of false starts, I finally parted with most of my worldly possessions and headed to New Zealand and Australia and the Norwegian coast for two years of travels. Getting bored with exploring, I finally settled down on Alaska’s North Slope for the winter treating the dental needs of Eskimos in Barrow and Nome. Currently, I’m working in Haines, Alaska (80 miles north of Juneau) where I work for SE Alaska Regional Health Consortium and live on the tug Katahdin.


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