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Next stop on my tour is………Graceland!  I’m so close driving through Memphis that this is one place I can’t resist.  Since I just spent $33 on a hot bath in Hot Springs Arkansas, I’m ready to get fleeced again!  But, let’s camp first; I find this campground right across the street….!


Everything in Memphis is about Elvis.  In August, they have an Elvis look-alike show and I’m told it’s well worth the trip.  I’m going to start growing my hair out now…..


The Elvis Campground is the second worst that I’ve camped in in my 7 months on the road. The first is Royal Crest in Los Alamos NM.  Elvis Campground escaped the worst simply because it’s level.   As a parking lot, I would rate this poor; and it cost me more than getting into Graceland!    The ravine behind my trailer is full of garbage and if that’s not enough, a big noisy Caterpillar fills it with more garbage early each morning, burying the creek in the process.  The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is still at it!


There are five ways to enjoy your stay at Graceland–and I pick the cheapest and still get slickered–$34.75 with my ‘senior citizen with two broken leg’ discount…..and I have to wait an hour for the tour!  650,000 people visit Graceland each year–$26 million….every year!  Elvis was no fool, and I’m sure lives on somewhere and collects this without raising a finger, or his voice for that matter.  Me?  I hold the record for the fastest Graceland Tour at 23 minutes flat…..and I couldn’t wait to get out of there…..


This is the waiting room……totally tacky!


And just when you can’t take any more….there is MORE!  Yes, those are indeed Pink Elvis Thimbles.  On the shelf in little plastic wrappers below the pink stemware.  Who collects this stuff?


Finally, I get inside Graceland–which by today’s standards is a pretty ordinary house–it does sit on about 13.8 acres and has some horses still.  And Elvis owned four pianos, including this Steinway.  A little class in a sea of tackiness.


This yellow & black room with a porcelain monkey is where he relaxed with three TVs.  Bring on the TV dinners!


Pass me the aspirin–I’m getting a headache!


But, we’re not done yet… is a red waterfall in the Jungle Room complete with green pile carpet and dragon chairs.  It’s beyond words;  truly a toss-up between this and my campsite…..  Read more critiques here.


But you’ve got to give the guy credit–his wardrobe was spectacular!  And he did win a few awards–like the most ever of any musician over all time……  This guy could sell the sizzle!  Move over Mozart!


I want to give credit to Mom and Pop Presley–Elvis was born here in this house in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1935.  Seriously, after visiting Graceland, I just had to see this house so I drove 78 miles out of my way to Tupelo.    This house is 14′ X 28′ and built by Mr. Presley Sr. himself.  Like his mentor, Liberace, Elvis followed a stillborn twin–called a twinless twin.  My salute to the parents!


Well, I’m now an Elvis fan–and am convinced he’s still alive…..


….so don’t let this fool you!


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