Now it’s time to haul the Katahdin out of the water and clean the hull.  I have to tow her with our skiff and can do this only at high slack.  Problem is, that everyone else moves around at high slack–including this skiff, two seaplanes, a fuel barge and a ferry so it’s a crowded harbor.  The current is still running about half a knot and we bounce around until we can get a line on the dock at the marine rail.

Then we hand pull all 120 tons into the cradle….

Once we get her wedged in and blocked, the rail hauls us out slowly to reveal quite a mess on the hull–the result of five years of procrastination.  Actually, we’ve devoted all our time to the restoration of 10 buildings at Totland but now it’s time to catch up.


Double Yikes!  Look at this mess–even starfish!  This is Marine Biology 101!  Time to get out the scrapers and pressure washers….

No wonder I couldn’t steer!

All the growth was removed by hand, then pressure washed.  In all there were 25 wheelbarrow loads of this stuff.

Then we get out the tools of the trade–caulking mallets and irons….

With the help of a local shipwright, I first reef the seams that are questionable, cleaning them before threading first cotton followed by oakum (hemp and pine tar).   Then the seams are painted and then cemented with hydraulic cement. We spend two days cleaning up seams, plugs, etc. before the two coats of bottom paint just prior to launch.

Here are a couple of  seams ready for touch-up.  The hull is now spotless.

The wheel is polished and zincs are welded in place.  Ready for launch–Click  here for the the video of us sliding down the rail and  here to see us drift out off the rail.

Meanwhile the bears move in without an invitation.  Here, mom checks out our barbeque.  Fortunately, we didn’t have any fish on it.  This bear has been making the rounds along the Narrows and seems quite agressive….

….with a cub in tow.

Kupreanof prayer flags….  Looks like we’ll need to post a Katahdin III.  Stay tuned!

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