Our old dock has about had it. It’s probably close to 100 years old and many of the beams are rotten, even missing. Also the crane/winch is unsafe and we’re lifting 250 lb. propane tanks up out of our boat–not a    good thing to do with a faulty crane/winch. First thing we do is demo the old dock surface and beams below:

Opps, a piling falls over with Udo, our visiting guest going with it–a very close call but all is OK and Udo looks good with a limp. We rig the old winch on the new dock beams and tripod it back into place–only 18″ deep! If I’d known that, I’d have braced it! Don’t ever assume pilings go into the ground.

Here is the view of the new dock beams–we’ve stainless steel bolted some into place to secure the new Thern davit winch. Thern builds a great product, has a great website, and staff that knows how to pick up a phone. I’ll probably blog this winch later, it’s so good.

After three days hard work moving beams and decking around, we’re done and are watching our final beach bonfire of the old dock. We’ve now a direct platform from our skiff through the netshed, up the boardwalk right into the house….stay tuned!

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