March 1st brings another three feet of snow with more dribbling in all week.  The deer are getting hungry–here is one taking advantage of all my hard snow shoveling.  We spot two minks bounding about and the birds are picking our feeders clean.  Another foot fell after this photo was taken.

Here I’m standing on our point–except our backchuck is frozen solid–we rescued two baby deer a month ago when they got stuck in the “u” shaped ice when the tide went out.  Note the Range Marker in the background–the red/white alignment marker.  This is the upper one that vessels use when they enter the Wrangell Narrows from the north.  Who needs white sandy beaches??

Before the snow fell, Martina models against our biggest icicles–The General Grant and General Sherman of the ice world!  Time to insulate the roof….

And this is after the snow….

Getting our exercise and then there is wood to split!  We’ve had more snow in one day that normally accumulates for the entire month of March.  After shoveling 200 feet of trails, we dig out our car and then the tugboat which was listing 5 degrees to starboard because of all the drifting.  Time to stoke the fire….stay tuned.

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