After leaving the Tetons–spectacular Spring weather here on the road up to Jenny Lake–my old haunting grounds–it’s back to Seattle to get the Alaska homestead back up to snuff.

I stop for 5 days in Seattle to the new Ranger Doug’s Intergalactic Headquarters and install a new ladder to our mezzanine.  I put the trailer to ‘bed’ and store the Sequoia.   The Katahdin is only 1/4 mile distant so I can walk over to the boat yard (Thomas Boat Repair–a fantastic wooden boat repair yard) to inspect the damage of 16 years in Alaska.  Not bad actually so it’s onward and upward with repairs.

The stern took the brunt of dampness but the excellent construction of this boat in 1899 (with Port Orford cedar stern counter) saved this vessel….again.  We’ll insert graving pieces and install new covering boards and rebuild the bulwarks again.  No problem for John Thomas Boat Repair.

Here a new knee will be installed, then the decks again will be rebuilt and the steering rams re-installed.  She’ll be ready for her 120th birthday this fall!

On Friday, I take the Columbia from Bellingham to my hometown of Kupreanof–which lies just west of the old City of Petersburg (now a Burough).  We’re the smallest incorporated city in Alaska with just 23 citizens.  It’s suffered with 22 all winter but now I’m back……

En route, one of the prettiest parts of the trip–the Bella Bella light house.  The weather is perfect for the whole trip–I’m homesick and who wouldn’t be.

Dinner on the Columbia, with white tablecloths and waiters is a thing of the past.  The State of Alaska DOT, in their infinite wisdom, has cut 80% of the ferry budget and there are no planned ferries past the end of October.  Sad day for true Alaskans–but what can you expect with Republican oil money siphoned out of the state.  Alaskans refuse to tax themselves for essential services and the entire SE transportation system is being shut down after 60 years.  Yet, TARP money continues to build new ferries (and Aleutian major airports) and meanwhile the two new fast-ferries (Fairweather and Chinega) are being sold after only 10 years of service.   Go figure…..

So here is home after a winter of complete closure (the piano is still in tune!).   Here, I’m rebuilding each raised garden bed–this one for sugar-snap peas.  Today, I did the bed beyond with another pea variety.   One day at a time.

Put out the rain barrels under all the eaves of the house and greenhouse.  Hummingbird feeders are up (they’re just arriving), all electrical/generation systems are up and running (after a day of replumbing), all Yahama’s and Toyotas started within seconds.  Boats are all on line–rebuilding the out-haul with a new pulley.  Woodshed is full and looking forward to another wonderful Alaskan summer.

Driving home tonight from Petersburgs took this shot of the new Munson and the “homestead.”  Light rain intermittent today.

My bench on the point looking out to Devil’s Thumb and the Stikine Icefields.  Great to be back home!     Stay tuned……






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