My next talks are at Saguaro National Park–I give four in two days.  Saguaro is a wonderful place east and west of Tucson (now a huge city).  The Eastern  park was the original one but the cactus were dying off so the western addition was added in 1961 by President Kennedy.  My poster features the original eastern half.


Well, look who shows up–but another Jenny Lake Ranger–Kurt Treichel who was an equestrian ranger in the early 70s.  What a small world and we catch up after over 40 years!  “Rangers of the Lost Art!


OK–on to the Tucson Gem and Mineral show—after visiting this booth my chakras were lined up.  There were a vast amount of folks looking for the quick cure……


Everywhere you look–from hotels, to empty parking lots, the whole city of Tucson was taken over by folks from all over the world (chiefly Brazil and Morocco) hawking minerals–it’s really a shame that there are no mineral police on this planet and everyone is chipping out every lasting mineral they can find.  Unlike the old-growth rain forests of the Pacific NW, this is very permanent as these minerals take literally millions of years to develop…and seconds to destroy.


And more….


…..on it goes….


Chakra alignment is right around the corner.


Next stop–Santa Fe.  Also much changed.

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