Net Shed

Our net shed is full of stuff, mainly boats so I decide to build a traditional Norwegian “naust” or boatshed.  You can see what one looks like here.


There is only one way to do this–take advantage of the annual Alaska “personal use permit” for lumber.  I fill out a permit for 10,000 board feet of lumber and the Forest Service’s cruiser comes out and measures each tree, marks them with a brand and I’m off to the lumber yard.

Alaska Logging 2

When we first drive up a logging road here on Mitkof, I discover this fine example of drunk logging.  An old wet, rotted, hemlock snag with this peculiar notched out area.  The forest service guy with me was bewildered (he was from the lower 48) but, after scrutinizing this ‘cut,’  I suggested looking uphill….

Alaska Logging

Yup, beer bottles, snoose and shotgun shells.  These ‘loggers’ would drive up on Friday night, stuff their lips, drink a couple bottles and then log by shotgun.  That’s Alaska.

Andy 3

But not us–we take the high road.  Here my logging buddy with his 36″ bar Stihl approaches a tree dutifully marked by permit.  An old growth yellow cedar which will yield about 1000 board feet.  Let’s get going!

Andy 2


Andy 1

…..this tree has my initials on it……  Let’s go!

Close Call

When all the dust settles, one tree misses the truck by 10 feet.  These trees are 140 feet high and 3′ diameter at the base….. Yikes!

After Work

Well, after a hard day’s work, what’s there to do…..drink a beer, of course.


Then put some crab on the table–my first pull of the season–30 crab–I keep the best 10.

Ranger Beer

Here’s a toast with Ranger Beer–Vitamin R.  Love that hat….!  Stay tuned!


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