Remember the fireplace I built 8 years ago?  Well, we’ve burned our winter fires with a hanging chain screen and our precious “Searsistan” rug was burnt up–actually it melted since it was largely plastic.  It’s time to add glass doors and move the chain back a few inches but still keeping the CCC look to it all.


First stop is our local welder, Peter.  He moves things around and next I fit the glass into the steel frame which has been reinstalled into the masonry.  Here are the results:


Keeping a climbing theme, I’ve fabricated hinges made of pitons–this a Chouinard 3/4″ angle (used many times).  The carabiner on the left pulls the chain fence aside–but one must have skills to anchor the nut into a rock crevice.


This is the door lock–three Lost Arrows.


The final installation–with hand made wrought iron tongs.


Our Chilkat rug next to the Tulikivi heater–these rugs are patterned from traditional Chilkat blanket designs and woven from real wool in Nepal–a cottage industry with money going back to these villages.  It has sort of a Thangboche look to it.  It’s nearly an inch thick and will definitely keep your toes warm on a cold winter night.


Two additional rugs are now in place; the Tlingit frog pattern and a Yup’ik design in front of the fireplace.


More climbing stuff……ah, what a wonderful life……


And here is a glimpse of Martina’s desk let into the fireplace: baleen/ivory drawer panel and another Tlingit mask.  It all fits together.   I’m now working on an outdoor kitchen–log and stone.  Stay tuned….


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