We usually start the day with home made waffles with fresh fruit and of course whipped cream (and hot coffee).  Summer is in full force.


We’ve sunshine almost 15 hours during the summer solstice which contributes to our solar input–9 KW on a good day.  And it also generates heat in our greenhouse–this year a bumper crop of tomatoes and the like.



Martina should be proud.


Aerial 1

We’ve a new face on our net shed and the tide is out.

Aerial 2

Here is the backside of our property with the slough at low tide.  Bears hang out here in perfect security and well appreciated by the caretakers.

Bathing Bear

Here one of our “pets” bathes in our creek.  Bears spend hours here eating grass and generally relaxing after a winter hibernation.


Finally they wander off–not even using our boardwalks……


And it’s that time of year to haul out the boats; the South Kupreanof Yacht Club is officially open.  The ONKEL OLE is hanging on the upper left–time for a paint job ….

Onkel Ole Launch 2

So here is it is ready for launch.  Every year I host the annual South Kupranof Yacht Club rowboat race.  The “ONKEL OLE” is a Davis Boat built in Metlakatla about 100 years ago and she still can handle a set of oars.

Faerings Before

The two Norwegian faerings are readied to slide out into the sunshine where they’ll receive a coat of ‘paint’……

Rigging 2

….of pine-tar/linseed oil/turpentine.  I rig them for sail.

Rigging 3

The rigging is all traditional


The mast/yard and standing rigging are nearly complete.


The “Runamok” has two coats of fresh paint ready to join the “Sven”which sits on the out-haul.


Oh—here is a point I found in the garden after tilling the soil.  Clearly worked and quite symmetrical.


The advancing tide lifts the SVEN,  OLE, and RUNAMOK.


I acquired a short section of the North Harbor dock and am rebuilding it for a float for all the boats


Speaking of boats, it’s been a bumper crop of salmon this summer and our harbor is busy. Seiners like this one are limited to their catch–the canneries don’t have enough workers to process all the fish.  Perhaps a record year.   This shot is adjacent from the Katahdin, which is receiving another four coats of paint.


The end of a typical day–fresh salmon on the BBQ.  Not a bad life……  Below is a pic of our house against the Kupreanof mountains.  Stay tuned…..



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