They’re back! And this time we observe two wolves for about an hour and a half early Monday morning. They had taken down a small deer (to the right in this photo) and dragged it to the back of the saltchuck. We sat with our coffee cups and took about 60 photographs during our breakfast; here are the best:

Ravens competed with the wolves but kept their distance.

We noticed a definite A/B relationship to the wolves. We’re not sure if they were a mated pair or two males. We have observed dual tracks, one larger/one smaller, for several years now but have never able to photograph them together.

Here’s our best shot–mind you we’re sipping hot coffee right now–not a bad kitchen window view. This is our third time we’ve managed to get photos. These guys don’t mess around either, we went out for seconds today and there was nothing but fur and bones. Even the ravens and eagles had given up.

Here is a greatly contrasted photo of the tracks and an imprint of Martina’s hand. These are huge! Note the claw marks between the prints.

Here is the Kill Site where all the action took place–this would never meet OSHA standards. Our house is about 120 yards from here. We walked all over the property today and looked at other tracks. PS: The little bear (two blogs behind this one) was sighted about one mile south of us–still looking for compost piles. Stay tuned!

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