Flash! News Story! I’m working in the net shed this afternoon listening to NPR and having a good time when I hear Martina approach with what I hoped was a cup of hot tea. But it’s a baby black bear instead! It walks right in under my rowboat to within 7 feet of me and we both realize something is wrong. He bolts for the door and I’m scratching my head wondering what a yearling is doing out of hybernation. We’ve a wolf in the area and it’s possible the mother lost her life defending the cub. We track the bear behind the woodshed and up a tree about 25 feet. Here’s a few photos–we left the cub alone so he could go on his way:

The first photo went off with a flash and I picked up the eyes only–see them?

And here’s the only track I could find:


Today he’s parked 20 feet up a tree right outside our front door–poor thing is scared and lonely. No mother bear in sight so we’ll keep a watch on things……stay tuned.


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