It’s fall here and the colors are brilliant but only when the sun shines. Here’s an AML barge leaving Wrangell Narrows towards Frederick Sound, Juneau bound:

And, we’ve had a hard summer of work buffing out this place but we’re pleased with the results:

After the house there are always other projects; not to mention the diesel fuel system, relocated and replumbed to the wellhouse where the generator is located to heat the water system. In our spare time, we’ve filled the woodshed with next year’s wood including old cedar bolts dug out of the forest duff from which Harry split the roof shakes 40 years ago. I resplit some of the bolts and they were perfect!

Next, I tackle the net shed windows–all 108 of them removing each frame and replacing all the glass and reglazing the rest. Most of the frames were rotten on the bottom–no problem…just rebuild them with available materials–the Alaskan solution.

In our spare time, a bear wanders into the yard again–it’s been a great summer for bears (8 or more different sightings) with two of them wandering right up to the house–and Martina is by herself as I’m in town both times! Good time for photography:

Finally, here’s a quick photo-shop out our front window just before dinner….a good reason to live here!

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