First of all, it’s birthday time–the big one and I feel every year of 60–especially after all this masonry work!  We are lucky to share this event with friends we met in Antarctica, Mike and Jan Eviston.  Mike is an unusual guy who likes to work at 6am every morning.  Especially splitting wood!  Here’s Mike excelling at what he likes best:

Mike, you’re welcome anytime!  Martina and I have continued all winter to haul in wood.  Henry Thoreau was correct when he stated that “wood warms you twice.”  Maybe three or four times, I’d say….

Here we are cutting, splitting and hauling wood out of the forest–these are windblown trees that will provide us with heat for next year or perhaps the one after that–wood dries slowly in Alaska.  We felled a dead snag into our backchuck and it promptly sank!  Next, winter hits.  Stay tuned….


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