And it has rained all summer here in SE Alaska–perhpas the rainiest summer recorded–not just a drizzle, but hard rain.  We schlepped four containers to Totland from Seattle which included all the masonry for the heaters and fireplaces, not to mention the grand piano and now sit comfortably in our heated house awaiting the hard weather called winter.  Here is a photo of moving the piano:


This is a big ‘piano sandwich’ with blueboard for the roof protecting the piano–it’s a 7′ 4″ Kawai semi-concert grand with an awesome base.  I’m hoping to tackle the Ab major Ballade by Chopin this winter and Martina is taking lessons too!


After moving the piano in, we need a new roof–as the old one leaks a bit.  But that’s what blue tarps are for….   We get a four day sun break in the middle of August so my good friend Peter Schultz helps me nail down the bedroom dormer roof which takes us three full days.  And now we have old shake kindling for the fireplace:


Now that we’re ‘civilized,’ our friends start to show up…..stay tuned.


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