How would you like this right in front of your view?  Phase III kicked in today, Monday, with more signs, a visit to the local sheriff, newspapers, a land-use attorney and best of all–an 11 foot helium blimp.  It’s tethered on the top of my house and I’ve set it so it’s right in front of the Ferguson’s view.  The development in the distance is another example of ridgelining done by the Amangani corporation of Singapore.  Jackson Hole is being raped by developers–this view used to be Senator Hansen’s land; he gave it to his son who immediately sold it to the highest bidder–what do you expect?  I look at this every day–but then again, they look at us and my red blimp!!!

The Fergusons spent two years and about $25,000 of our Association money sueing Amangani to limit the size of their outdoor lightbulbs; yes, lightbulbs!  Amangani’s attorney, Mike Hammer is no fan of my next door neighbor, and neither am I.  After all of Jean’s lawsuits, I managed to get these developers and several other owners of large properties (Mike Halpern, Mike Hammer to name a few) on the butte together to open their road to us so we could take our ugly road out. (the ugly road NW of the town of Jackson); only to have the Fergusons kill it.  You can google Saddle Butte or my name and find the public hearings.  On top of this, Jean Ferguson wanted to know what color of roof I was going to put on my house–well, now she’s got a red blimp!


Here’s a close-up of it with the banner still attached.  It was too heavy making my precious blimp flounder, so I’ve pasted it up between two trees in front of their driveway.  I’m making lighter weight banners–perhaps a Ronald McDonald face and a couple of golden arches??  Any ideas, send me a suggestion below.  Here’s the banner:


“BAD FENCES MAKE BAD NEIGHBORS”  Kind of has a nice ring to it, huh?  See those boulders to the left?  Guess where they came from?


From here.  These idiots from Seaton Construction dumped these four huge 3 foot diameter boulders right against my trees–and this was after I confronted them last season in the presence of the county sheriff.  I again called the sheriff and he’s going to try to get criminal charges filed.  So far we’ve lost about 39 trees although I’m losing count.  We found three more complete buried on Saturday.  Be sure to read the press release and initial excavation report below.;   Stay tuned….

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