After two weeks of blizzard weather, we finally get a sunny day and it’s time for a hike into a new area–hut point ridge which was recently opened. The hike takes us about two hours since we’re looking for rocks, the baby skua (like a gull), and stop frequently to get out of the wind. We get a very good view of McMurdo Station and Discovery Hut (Scott’s first Hut–see November archives) below us. After the hike, I’ve worked up a powerful thirst which I quench with some of Scotland’s finest nectar. This immediately reminds me of the America vs. New Zealand Rugby Match which is being played out on the ice near Willy Field. We hop in the Delta shuttle and before you can say “Duggan’s Dew” we’re at the Rugby Field where our Caterpillar “Zamboni” prepares the field for battle:

The game is hard fought on rough terrain (ice and snow) with cheering sections on each side of the field. New Zealand has the best bleachers…a mondo-Cat with sofa’s strapped to the flat bed…..

while the Americans have to jump up and down on the top of a Pisten Bully……

The Americans come in second place! Until next week…..

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