Tugboat Katahdin

After ten years of dentistry in the Seattle's Pike Place Public Market, I decided to seek my fortune and bought the Tugboat Winamac in 1988. After hauling the Winamac out on the hard--the planks fell off and I was more or less committed to a full hull restoration. Not being afraid of a hard day's work, I spent the next three years restoring the 1909 tug only to have it sunk on it's maiden voyage by Harken #6 in the Fraser River.

The 1933, 42 foot bridgedeck cruiser, "Betty B" was my second boat--a "temporary" boat to float about on while I searched for that perfect tugboat. The Tug Katahdin (ex Catherine Foss) was offered for sale in 1994 and was purchased that October. And then the work and lawsuits began...."

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Doctor Doug Leen
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Captain Doug Leen
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