The junk pile daily grows with refuse that will be transported back across the Wrangell Narrows and then to the dump.  Makes one think seriously of recycling.  Ten acres of junk accumulated over 50 years is a bit daunting.  Buried in the heaps are 50+ broken axe handles, dozens of funnels, spare parts still in their wrappers, blasting caps, a complete veterinary hospital, one beautiful Norwegian hand-carved ski dating 1900, dozens of 55 gallon barrels, about 50 gaff-hooks, and spare parts to last a lifetime–only if that lifetime was frozen in history.  Trouble is, everything is outdated, rusted, broken, incomplete, useless and takes up space.


I forgot to mention the “walk behind” tractor; a 1962 Gravely which was built by the Studebaker company complete with a rear-end differential and over 60 attachments.  I’m trying to find a snow blower and log splitter.  Never mind the brazing on the cylinder and other missing parts. This is a real classic–can’t you see this in the Ballard, Seattle, 17 of May parade pushed by a fat guy wearing a fez??  And here is a 14′ skiff:




This is a real beaut!  Fourteen feet and 75 years of dust and cat litter inside the hull.   These photos are taken after scraping, removing loose ribs, reefing the seams, etc.   Stay tuned for upgrades on this vessel–I plan to enter it in the Norway Festival this May here in Petersburg–well, maybe next year.


Here’s another gem–know what this might have been–the whole property is filled with this stuff….here’s another:

Stay tuned….I’m going to spend all spring and summer digging this stuff out of the weeds.  Want to help out?  Just send me an email at and I’ll put you up in the guest cabin on the point…..which will be featured next week when I finish cleaning it out!……

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