Most of the Katahdin’s original logbooks were burned but two were rescued by Mike Skalley for his book “Ninety Years of Towboating” which detailed the only fatality that occurred on board the Kat. Here is a scan of the page entry of that fateful day:

At the bottom of this page reads:

“Hit Middle Ground. Boat took bad list to port throwing cook (at time was in the wash room) out the door and overboad. We immediately launched life boat. Archie Dorr, the mate, rowed to the cook; helped him aboard boat. Rowed to Brigges Cannery.”

This page is dated 11/21/42 and the cook was Carl Feyh who died, probably from hypothermia or heart attack. More can be read in the history section where I quote the three pages Mike Skalley wrote about the Catherine, Foss, as she was then known.

The current logbook begins April 3, 1986 at 8:45am when the Katahdin “Leave(s) LaConner for Turn Island, light wind. Arrive Turn Island 11:50am. Have good time for 2 days. Return 4/6 for LaConner, good cruise.”

I won’t quote all of the previous owner’s (Hap and Linda Schnase) log entries except to say that she cruised Puget Sound up to Desolation Sound and her last entry for they made was October 6, 1992:

“Leave Anacortes for Obstruction Pass and boat restoration.”

This was the worst decision Hap and Linda Schnase made as the boat was torn apart and left for two years open to the elements while David Baxter, owner of the Obstruction Pass Resort tried to steal the Katahdin.

Visit my Keel Hauling link to the 14 month lawsuit that removed the boat from the clutches of Baxter.

The current logbook under my ownership begins October 28, 1994 at 0930 hours under clearing conditions:

“Towed by Shiveley Towing (Reliable) to FVO, Seattle for refit.”

April 1995: “Haul out @ FVO, replace 16 planks, horn timber, rudder assembly. Relaunched July. Removed all DC electrical. Moved to Bakketun & Thomas Boat Company for more planks (about 15), new decks, guards & bulworks. Installed new 20kw Northern Lights gen set. Replaced ceiling in aft section, reinstalled deck beams. Removed apetong covers/shear and most aft planks above waterline–replaced 48 frame futtocks. Installed new planks, covers, guards, decks, installed, caulked, pitched and sealed (Tim Webber). Wagner (double ram) steering installed with new hydraulics and autopilot to bridge. Fuel tanks painted, all interior ceiling painted. Quincey compressors rebuilt (heads only) and replumbed (schedule 80) to engine. Air receivers cleaned and repainted (tested with air only). Starboard tank welded forward bottom. Stern packing replaced, bilge throughly cleaned. 7000 lbs lead ballest added to trim. Old batteries replaced with 4 each L-16 deep cycle Dyno (700 amp hours), Trace inverter and 12 volt panels engine room and bridge. Sound powered phones installed (4 with two spares). Radar installed, new depth sounder installed, radio tested. Built new bulwarks and fabricated four each ‘quarterbits). Remounted anchor windlass and tow winch. Restepped aft mast and anchor davit. Installed two air intake funnels forward. Replumbed all radiators and installed new boiler. Renewed all sewage tanks–100 gallon hold–and overboard pump. New stool, h2o (hot) tank. Installed cold water pump with amtrol pressure tanks. Replumbed genset hydraulics to anchor & tow winch. Rebuilt stove in galley & refrigerator. Galvanized chain, rebuilt hause pipe. Painted all exterior surfaces–sealed all roofs. Rerigged launch boom. Changed all fluids in engine–dock trials after Grinstead ‘go-through.’ (New compressor cylinder). Filled with 2400 gallons diesel.”

August 21, 1997: 13:30 hours “First time in almost 5 years under own power–Sea trials to Lake Union, Lake Washington.  Crewed by Toiny Freeman, Robert Graves, Dan Grinstead, Don Moss and Doug Leen.  Practiced stops, backing with port/stbd steerage.  Tested all air & mechanical controls.  Adjusted engine temps, etc.  Returned same route–practiced dockings in ship canal & returned to FT (NW #1) @ 1630.  Sunny

August 28, 1997:  12:30  FT to Ballard oil (1100 gal #2 Port a& Stbd tank) flshed H2O into bilge.  Thru locks @ 1430 hours–check engine @ 240 rpm = 450 +- 25 degrees all cylinders.  Lubed.  Checked shaft bearings & drip.  Ditto 1600 hrs.  Docked Gig Harbor @ Arabela’s Landing (ph: 851-1793)–good place for 73′ tug.

August 29 & 30th 1997:  Left G.H. for Olympia (touched buoy @ Anderson Island (Bakketun) and checked depth.  All engine temps/presures OK  (500 degrees F except #4 & #5 @ 460 & 480).  Using about 1 hal/hr.  H2O (130F).  Oiled all points 1030 & 1315.  Clogged secondary fileter (2m) and lost combustion in #1-4 progressively.  Removed filter & engine ran OK to Olympia.  Put in @ Percival’s Landing @ 3pm.  Spent 2 days in Oly during races.  Changed both secondary main filters to 30m,  Runing on (L) only.

August 31 1997:  1430:  Left Oly for Oro Bay, Anderson Is.–excellent anchorage (Joe B.’s buoy beneath water at 12′ high tide.)  Spent peaceful eve til lightening struck close by @ 5am.

September 1, 1997, 0830:  Left Oro Bay for Seattle.  Encountered Lorna Foss, piloted by the capable Dan Grinstead–raced briefly under Narrows Bridge.  Arrived Seattle 1330, had lunch, cleaned up boat & selves.

Sept 2, 1997:  Rebuilt refer to no avail.  Charned all filters Gen Set @ 86 hours.  Two gals. Delo-100-30 oil.  Left Sea 1530 hours for Liberty Bay/Poulsbo via North.  Left compresor c Miller & Miller to find seals.  Arr. Poulsbo @ anchor 1800.

Sept 3, 1997:  1000:  Left Liberty Bay 1000-Rewired another lite aft–rewired throttle cable controls main engine.  Weather perfect last 4 days, light clouds, calm seas today.

Sept 4, 1997:  Left P.L. 1100 hours after rerigging dinghy lift-boom.  Engine ran hotter than usual (600 @ 320rpm settling @ 550-595).  Check all engine functions–all WNL  T=130, oil P=15# fuel pr. 1.5#.  Arrived P.T. 1300; stayed P.T. 2 days.  Party Tole Mour 9/6.

Sept 7, 1997:  Left P.T. 0620 for Seattle.  Saw pod killer whales mid Admiralty Inlet — 0730-0830; counted 12 whales.  Entered locks @ 1030, out 1050, F.T. @ 1100.

Oct 21, 1997:  Left F.T. 0850 (2 false starts) to L.U.D. to escort Virginia V (bleew boiler tubes).  Continued on to L.W., Kirkland, Juanita Beach, Sand Point and LUD, dropped off passengers 00 F.T. @ 1405.  Foggy

Nov 21, 1997:  Left F.T. — Bakketun & Thomas for forepeak bulkhead installation.

Feb 20 1998:  1500:  Left B & T with rising winds–rouch crossing christened the decks with salt water and nephew’s (Bastiaan) barf.  Arrived 1800 @ Madison Bay after tacking through huge rollers.  Anchored (first anchoring with new system) & cooked up oyster stew which was consumed by all except William Graves.  Turned in 2130 for 0600 breakfast (fake blueberry pancakes, bacon, OJ and coffee).  Left for Jefferson Head 0700 and encountered very rough seas.  Spent 2 hours tacking but couldn’t get bait down (20 fathoms).  Returned to Madison Bay (Port Madison) and fished til 1230 hours catching 1 lb. dog fish, 2 lb blackmouth and one sea anemone–returned all to their rightful place.  Anchored at 1245 in Madison Bay and hosted weigh-in losing all categories.  Bas barfs twice more, toilet repaired after backing up (used 120# air line & toles.  Weather very rough, rainy, windy (south to 35 kts.).  Ret’d 1700 to B & T.  All systems ran perfectly.

(Winter Projects) 97/98 @ B & T:  Built & installed 4 quarterbits @ cost of $500 ea (installed).  Painted most superstructure.  Wired stereo AM/FM/Tape Deck/remote to 6 speakers.  Installed anchor windlass & tow winch and all new hydraulics.  Rebuilt Vikkers windlass motor.  Removed all interior structures foreward of engine and rebuilt new floor, bulkhead, tool bench, chain locker, queen bed foc’s’le suite.  Repositioned all ballast after bunkering fuel/water.  Established emergency escape to forecabin.  Installed 2 air intake ‘funnels.”  Rewired all electrical 110VAC circuits to main panel.  Installed gas & air welder in place.  Rebuilt refer, stove/flue.  Removed all rot around shower and replaced with new floor beams, marine 1″ X 3/4″ floor & 5/8″ walls over fir 1″ & 2″ studs.  Glassed & replumbed.  Installed code fire extinguishers (& old working ones)/new safety flares.  Major cleanup & storage of all tolls, equipment, consumables.  Established organization system/bins.

May 2, 1998:  1000:  Left B & T for Lake Union and Montlake Cut at SYC invitation “Opening Day” parade.  Rafted with Arthur Foss and Wallace Foss in Lake Washington.  Hosted MCNW string quartet.  Back 1700 hours.

May 16, 1998:  1000:  Left B & T for Locks and Elliot Bay for annual tug races.

June 14, 1998:  1215:  Lefvt B & T (thru locks by 2pm) to Everett Fisherman’s Boat Shop for haul-out Y repairs.  Lost fuel pressure cyl. #1, #2, #3.  Changed both filters & took left (one) out after no-start.  At Fisherman’s, repaired seams where necessary, installed billboard (used old ironbark).  Made plank-map.  Info on wheel is (5689 INDEPENDENT 58 RH 37 EXPRWE 88);  it measures 56″ or 28 1/4″ from center-3 blade.  Fixed keel cooler leak, installed fairing blocks on stern rubrail/refastened , cut paint waterline.  Painted with 9 gallons Pettit soft red at $35/gallon.   (Need to paint under guard yet)  Launched 6/22 @ high tide.  Brought on board new pike pole 14’, 2 crab pots & 6 buoy/bags/fenders/misc small cordage.  (Added 1 stern packing).

June 24, 1998:  1350 hrs:  left FBS under cloudy skies.  Some rough weather crossing to Foulweather Bluff–tipped over tool chest.  Arrived PT via Marrowstone cut @ 1840 hrs–dinner in P.T.

June 25, 1998:  Burned bulkhead fuse & bulkhead (250A)—Repaired–believed to be from too much power draw from batteries through inverter.  Left PT @ 0930 hrs under cloudy/rainy skies.  Arrived Victoria 1330–Can Pass report #xxxxxxx.

June 26:  Lazy day Victoria–Stowed gear–made up new fenders, repaired electr.  (loose connections!)

June 27, 1998:  0550–left Victoria for Ladysmith–sunny & calm–changed destination to Roche–arrived @ 0915–cleared customs, sent Keith off by Taxi to FH; anchored out.  June 270July 11–moved Kat anchorages several times.  Rerigged fenders, tener harness, dissembled Johnson OB & ordered parts.

July 11, 1998–Left Roche Harbor 1100 hours–gray sky with winds 5-15kts for McKay Harbor, Lopez (Barlow Bay) Observed 20-30 Orca whales off Cattle Pt–False Bay.  Arrived Barlow Bay 1530.

July 12, 1998 0930:  Left Barlow Bay.  Changed both filters to 30m (red) discarded old blue (10m).  Observed Dahl Porpoises riding bow wave.  Arrived Roche 1325.  Anchored 200 years off customs dock.

July 21, 1998 1200:  Left Rosario for Bedwell Harbor, Pender Island with Bruce Heath.  Weather sunny and hot (morning fog).

July 24, 1998 0900:  Left Bedwell Harbor for Otter Bay (Grimmes Bay–deep water dock)  Docked & walked to J Verner house.  Met Malcolm the marine artist, toured tug and left 1330 for Ladysmith.  Changed R filter (15 hours) midway Trincomali Passage at 1440 hours.  Arrived @ Ladysmith @ 1630 hours–sunny skies.  Dinner @ Cousin Margui & Robin.

July 25, 1998 – Lift Ladysmith at 1000 hours under sunny skies for Dodd Narrows-Nanaimo.  Transited Dodd Narrows  1135–met Blue Peter @ narrows (low slack).  Arr. Nanaimo 1230–secured for week at 1300 hours @ Nanaimo Harbor City Marina  Tarred decks during 95F weather.

August 4, 1998:  1050:  Left Nanaimo via Horswell Channel–skirted WT range to Ballinas Is. then Mag N. to S. tip Texada.  Loosened stern packing–running hot.  Checked several time til back to normal temp and flow.  Arrived Pender Harbor 1500 hrs–anchored in Whiskey Slouth.  Climbed Mt. Daniel & hiked to Skookemchuck Narrows.  Left boat @ anchor Saturday–Friday (Aug 8-14)

August 14, 1998:  1245 left Pender Harbor for Desolation Sound.  Anchored Cortes Bay @ 1900 hours in summer storm.

august 15, 1998:  0900:  Left Cortes Bay for Homfray Channel to N. End Redonda Island, reentered Waddington Inlet to Walsh Cove 1240.  Collected oysters @ cover.  Heavy rain this evening.

August 16, 1998:  Left Waslh Cove @ 0815

…… to be continued…..

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