Earth and Lumber

It’s time to get to work. We hire an excavator and buy a bunch more yellow cedar from Prince of Wales Island and roll up our sleeves. Here’s our local landing craft the “RB” unloading one of three batches of lumber. Last year we hand carried each piece off–some weighing 200 lbs.

Remember the old foundation in our front yard–resembling a Mayan ruin? We bulldozed it under and harvested the soil on top for a future garden. Soil is hard to find and we’re blessed on our point with lots of it. We pile it up and begin screening, adding kelp, seashells and compost. Behind Martina, you see the foundation of our greenhouse

Here’s the final greenhouse all framed in awaiting the Polygal polycarbonite covering. This stuff is wonderful–double walled for insulation and very strong. We will fasten it with rubber washered screws. Here, a deer is already moving in looking for good stuff to eat!

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